The Five Finger Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located at the confluence of Stephen’s Passage and Frederick Sound, Southeast Alaska. The island that hosts this iconic structure is a home to nesting seabirds, foraging songbirds, stellar sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, harbor porpoise, and large numbers of humpback whales.

Since 1902 this lighthouse has lit the way for mariners, miners, and explorers of the great North. The white walls beneath the cupola stand as a beacon of safety, and for many of us, houses the light that guides us home along our Alaskan Marine Highway. Our lighthouse is unique. It was both the first and last manned lighthouse in Southeast Alaska. Written into the walls of the structure are the names of the men who manned the light through winter storms, and written into the log books are their stories. But the era of manned lighthouses has passed, and with it the role of the Five Finger Lighthouse changed.

DSC_0071The lighthouse is owned and operated by the Juneau Lighthouse Association (JLA). The JLA is a 501c(3) non-profit who took over responsibility for this iconic structure in 1997. We at the JLA believe that use preserves. By giving the lighthouse a purpose we invest ourselves in its preservation. In keeping with this mandate we vow to share the natural and cultural resources associated with this small island and the beacon that is located here. In partnership with other non-profits, artists, and community volunteers the Lighthouse has been transformed into a research station, artists retreat, museum, and home-away-from-home.

As a non-profit organization we rely on the support of members, donors, and volunteers to keep this maritime landmark operating. The maintenance and preservation of this structure and the research conducted therein is supported entirely by private donations and the hard work of dedicated volunteers. Please consider donating to ensure that the Five Finger Lighthouse will continue to shine for yet another century.