2018 Season Begins

It was a beautiful ride down to Five Finger Lighthouse on June 3rd of 2018.

Our mission was two-fold; to drop off Paul Sharpe for a month-long stay, and to spread our dear departed, Edd’s ashes at his favorite home away from home. And though it could have been a somber occasion, we were blessed with fine weather, orca and humpback sightings and bow riding Dall’s porpoise. Who could be sad on such a gorgeous day?

From L to R, Kate Deforrest, Brit-Marie Deforrest, Judy Vatne, Jennifer Klein, Miles Byington, Bronwyn Klein, Steve Martinez.

And so it was that our intrepid group of eight landed at Five Finger Lighthouse and brought Edd to his final resting place. The group unlocked the light, opened the doors to all the buildings, marveled at the great work done by last year’s keepers, John and Pat Gans, and had a few private moments spreading Edd’s ashes before heading on to Petersburg.

Paul is staying though the month of June and looks forward to doing some much needed maintenance work and taking as many photographs as possible during his stay. Every day at the light is a bit different and Nature’s endless variations are on full display. Anyone interested in a stay at the light should contact Paul at [email protected]

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  1. We visited by helicopter in June, met Paul and had a great time seeing the lighthouse.
    Took many photos inside and out as well as from the air.
    Hope to go back someday.

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